coaching philosophy

My training philosophy incorporates the universally understood concepts of consistency, balance, and training where you are at.

Consistency – Small improvements over time will lead to huge improvements. Breakthroughs don’t happen overnight. There can be a tendency to over do it at times and risk injury and burn out which results in less training over the course of a season. It is best to not go crazy and keep things steady and make small increases as the season goes on and also make increases each season.

Balance – Running well at any distance requires some training at many different paces. Sprinters need some slow easy running and marathoners need some quick stuff. Of course there is an emphasis on whatever distance you are training for, but hitting all the paces is part of a good program.

Training where you are at – Paces for workouts, mileage, and overall intensity are based on current fitness not goal pace or your best fitness ever. Its really about how the body adapts from the workout and not so much about how fast you actually go during practice. You get far more from training at the correct pace or even a little slower than by going too hard.